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About Us

Our story starts out like most - lost souls thirsting for something more fulfilling, something different, something that would resonate with our hearts. That something led us to Central America. Two Canadians who had never met, one traveling to Panama, the other to Costa Rica, connect thousands of miles from home while on their journey of self-discovery.

Immersed in the beauty and tranquillity of the Latin American culture, there was suddenly a longing to find a like-minded partner to embark on the next stage of life. When you meet someone with the same dreams, traveling along the same path, you cannot dismiss that as a coincidence. We embraced our chance encounter and mapped out a plan to start building the life we desired.

A collective love for the Spanish people, their language and culture, is what ultimately led us to stumble upon our company name. During lunch in a restaurant in Costa Rica, I asked Louise to describe her meal to me. She said “Wow…this is Mucho Wow!” English translation – "A lot of Wow!", or simply put, "This is incredible!".

To live up to a name as powerful as Mucho Wow, we knew we had to ensure that everything under our brand umbrella such as our leggings for women, had to be of exceptional quality and value and have people saying “wow” when they made a purchase. For this reason, we take painstaking care in sourcing every item we sell and are extremely proud of what we represent.

We would like to thank you for dropping by.

Geordie and Louise


Mucho Wow Inc.

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