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How to ensure you’re buying a quality pair of leggings

Leggings, leggings everywhere, so how do you ensure you’re buying a quality pair?

Everywhere you look these days you’ll see women sporting some form of yoga pants, leggings, or tights. Since not everyone wants to refinance their house to buy a pair of lululemon’s, how do you go about finding the perfect pair of leggings that are awesome and still fit your budget? What features separate the good from the bad? How can I buy online with confidence? Read on, we're about to tell you.


One of the most common trends in legging fashion today is the ever-popular high waist. Why the need for a high waist? The leggings sit higher up on the belly, providing a more streamlined, toned and oft-times sexier look throughout the midsection. Yes, a high waist can be quite flattering…. until it’s not. To elaborate, a high waist that is too tight can put pressure on the belly, causing it to roll over the waist band of your leggings, creating what is commonly phrased muffin top”.

To avoid disappointment, look for leggings that use quality fabric, such as Nylon instead of Polyester, along with a good amount of Spandex to provide the right combination of stretch and compression. Avoid leggings designed with a stitched seam at the top of the waist, or even worse, those that insert an overly tight elastic band inside the waistband – putting unwanted pressure on your belly. Let’s face it, no one wants to experience the “roll over”.


"Excuse me Miss, you’re executing that downward dog flawlessly, but are you aware your leggings are completely see-through?" "NOOOOOOO… tell me it’s not true!" Your worst nightmare, right? That my friends, is an opacity issue. Companies boast about being “squat proof” or being “non see-through”, which gives you the privacy and hence, ability to wear your leggings without having to slip on underwear. So, do your research and scour the reviews to make sure you’re not the new exhibitionist on the block.


Perhaps the only thing worse than unknowingly showcasing a silhouette of your birthday suit, is publicly displaying the dreaded camel toe”. On the off chance you don’t know what that is, all you need to know is YOU DON’T WANT IT! To avoid this embarrassing mishap, find leggings that have a built in Crotch Gusset” - a triangular patch sewn into the crotch of the leggings, taking away the traditional seam that always seems to meander its way into your privates.

FOUR-WAY STRETCH If you own leggings, you’ve likely heard the term "4-way stretch". What does that mean and why is it important? Simply put, there is fabric in the leggings, such as Spandex or Lycra, that is pliable, allowing the leggings to stretch in both directions – crosswise and length wise. This is important because no two bodies are created equal. Buying high quality leggings ensures purchasing confidence knowing they will comfortably expand in all the right places.

Now that you’ve been armed with potentially new knowledge designed to help you make a sound purchasing decision, the only thing left is finding a brand that fits the aforementioned criteria. Among the overwhelming list of companies vying for your attention, there is one brand where the company name says it all - Mucho Wow. Mucho Wow doesn’t profess to be the next lululemon - it claims to be the brand that offers the absolute best value in quality leggings you can buy…period!

Try our leggings and put them through the quality checks we named above and let us know if we pass or exceed your expectations on all of those key points.

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